WNC-10040564 OWNERSHIP PROGRAM | Wahine Investments

Offset all your yacht expenses

& receive a fix monthly imcome 

The ideal Lifetsyle Ownership Program

Why taken all the yacht ownership expenses and hassles on your own when you can become the owner of your dreamed LIFESTYLE yacht, sale-leaseback to Wahine for 5 years receiving a monthly fix income and offset all the hassles and maintenance costs, insurance, mooring, commissions, services, brokerage, management, and operations costs plus get a new LIFESTYLE yacht at the end of the 5th year 50% Off to continue within the program while you have unlimited access to your yacht or any Club yacht at our available sailing destinations? 

Join over the Wahine Ownership Program and enjoy sailing in the comfort and luxury of the Wahine's Sailing Destination Club while achieving the best return for your investment in the industry.


Wahine Yachts values your investment and strives to give you the best experience for you, your family, and friends.


Wahine Yachts is the exclusive design owner and premier US manufacturer of the Lifestyle Yachts in Bristol, RI, and the privileged operator of the Wahine's Sailing Destination Clubs thanks to our advanced know-how, cutting-edge technology, and highest standards of customer care.


Through our Lifestyle Ownership Program, investors have access to the sailing destinations of San Francisco and Lake Tahoe to Sail as they wish with no restrictions, of course, Club Members also wants to sail, so be ready to share your treasure with them while WAHINE looks after all the details and pays you back.