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The WAHINE Destination CLub was born as a result of the search for solutions for our valuable group of private LIFESTYLE owners and those seeking to be part of a unique lifestyle but won’t compromise with boat ownership.


As boat builders and sailors, our ultimate goal always was to fulfill the needs and wants of those capable of becoming private owners of an exclusive LIFESTYLE. However, along the time and listening to the feedback given by the demanding WAHINE owners and prospective buyers the idea of facilitating the access to a unique sailing lifestyle that could allow them to cruise in brand new LIFESTYLE's across the most desired sailing destinations in a convenient and affordable way seamed priceless.    

The other challenge that we visualized is that LIFESTYLE owners have their vessels berthed close by where they live most part of the year, however when they finally manage to buy time in their lives to enjoy traveling with family and friends to  perfect destinations there is only one thing that comes across their minds, “I wish I could have  my LIFESTYLE right here, right now". This situation empowered us to include at no extra cost the LIFESTYLE DESTINATION Club program into the purchase of any LIFESTYLE, so owners and their crews can enjoy the lifestyle they always wanted cruising the most desirable sailing destinations just for being the owners of a WAHINE LIFESTYLE.

Owning a LIFESTYLE represents the ultimate joy for those seeking a premium performer cruiser in a convenient size and the SHARE of a LIFESTYLE is an exciting and very rewarding way to explore the majestic bays and waterways of prime sailing destinations, offering people of all different sailing experience access to premium sailing cruisers without the hassle or financial burden of the traditional yacht ownership or chartering. The LIFESTYLE fleet caters for all kinds of sailing enthusiasts, delivering an exclusive premium sailing experiences while offering affordable, safe and trouble-free means of getting out on the water on a LIFESTYLE to cruise the best of FLORIDA, BAHAMAS and HAWAII.