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Sail intelligently,

make your dollars sense!

Simply, get paid to sail!

We invite you to become one of the privileged investors enrolled at one of the exclusive programs of WAHINE Investments.


Whether if you prefer to enroll in the CASHBACK program becoming a Family Member of the WAHINE Sailing Vacation Club to receive a 30% annual return with NO annual dues during a 5 year period or you wish to become the owner of a Luxury Lifestyle yacht through our OWNERSHIP program and purchase the Lifestyle you dream at cost and offset all the costs of your yacht like brokerage fees, delivery cost, consignment, mooring fees, insurance, maintenance, servicing and including  your Bank financing interest cost plus trade-it-in for free at the 5th year for a new one, WAHINE Investments has the right program for you.


WAHINE Investments will optimize your financial commitment by switching it into an investment, creating financial wealth while you as a Member or privileged Owner access the WAHINE luxury nautical LIFESTYLE making the dollars sense.


Instead of you have to pay to sail, WAHINE Investment pays you to do what you like the most! 


There is no age limit to start SAILING smarter and create WEALTH at the same time, whether if you’re already into Sailing or seeking a way to access to an exclusive Nautical LIFESTYLE making the dollars sense, WAHINE has the program that creates financial wealth for “what’s next” in your LIFESTYLE.

What kind of Investor are you?